Wood Firing

About the CSG Wood Firing Facility

One of the benefits of being a CSG member is the opportunity for your work to be wood-fired by becoming part of the CSG wood fire group.

Our Bourry Box Kiln was built by CSG members on a member’s property at Oxford Falls.Firings take approximately 18 hours and both hardwood and softwood is used. P1020368

There are generally 5 to 6 firings held each year over the winter months, providing there is a full kiln load each time, and depending on the weather and availability of wood.The kiln is generally packed on Saturday and fired from the early morning until late at night on the Sunday, during which it is monitored and stoked by members of the wood-firing group, on a roster basis. Slide22

The fee for firing is based on the total volume of the pots that each person has in any particular kiln load, though some of the cost is redeemable by participation in wood preparation (collecting, splitting and stacking) or the washing and cleaning of the kiln and surrounding area. P1030336

Safety of members at wood-firings is paramount and members who attend are expected to conform to the safety requirements on site.

Joining the wood-fire group is easy:
1. Become a financial CSG member.
2. Apply to join the wood-fire group: complete the Application form on this page and submit it .
3. After joining you will be sent more details, and you will be kept informed by email of any happenings relating to wood-firings.
Application to join Wood Firing