Pottery Hints

Pottery Hints

Welcome to the CSG Pottery Hints page: This is a place where potters can help each other by sharing ideas. From time to time we will publish hints and tips that will be useful to potters. We invite you to become part of this process by contacting us with your own hints and tips that you would like to share with fellow potters. You can do this by going to the "Contact us" page and using the submission form that is on that page

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Please Note: Our monthly newsletter has many useful articles with practical tips for the potter. It is available to you by becoming a member of the Ceramic Study Group. You can join on-line by going to the membership page 

Book Launch "Collective Wisdom"

This CSG publication launched in November 2016, is a collection of handy hints collated from those published in Newsletters of the Ceramic Study Group over the past 50 years. • The hints in this book represent the collected wisdom of practicing potters who have shared their knowledge and experience through the CSG newsletter. • As well as providing the reader with useful and practical information, the content of this book provides a historical record of pottery making techniques.


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