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About the CSG Library

500 teapots V2The CSG library is housed at the Epping Creative Centre at Dence Park and all members are able to borrow from it. It consists of a comprehensive list of books to which new titles are frequently added. In addition there is a collection of DVDs and Magazines which members can access to borrow.
The CSG subscribes to the following Magazines:

• Ceramics Art and Perception
• Ceramic Review
• Ceramics Monthly
• Craft Arts International
• Australian ceramics
• New ceramics

Members can borrow up to 4 books and /or 4 magazines and/or 4 DVDs at any one time. Borrowing in addition to this number is at the discretion of the librarian.

Borrowing in person from the library

Members are able to borrow in person from February to November on evenings when the committee meets (the third Monday of each month) or on the fourth Wednesday of each month before the start of the presentation meeting.
A current membership card must be shown when borrowing.

Naked Raku
Borrowing by mail from remote distances

Members can contact the librarian by using the Enquiry form below, or by email, to have books or DVDs posted to them. The cost of postage to borrow and to return books is the member’s responsibility.
Please note that the librarian can access the library only on the 3rd Monday and the fourth Wednesday of each month, February to November inclusive.

Paperclay and art practice
Obligations of the Borrower

Borrowing is for one month, if you are not able to return borrowed articles in that time please let the librarian know.
If books or DVDs are lost or damaged it is the obligation of the member to replace or cover the cost of replacing them.
For Enquiries

CSG Publications

As well as a lending library the CSG offers for sale at very affordable prices, a range of “pocket guide” publications.

If you wish to make an enquiry or to purchase any of these publications, please use the Enquiry Form below and select “” from the drop down menu.

SALT GLAZING Janet Mansfield
SAWDUST and PRIMITIVE FIRING Sue Moore, Terry Wright, HildegardeAnstice,
B. Dunphy
FIRING KILN WITH LPG Mollie Grieve revised by Bob Fastovsky
FIRING AN ELECTRIC KILN Mollie Grieve revised by CSG committee
RAKU Wendy Erickson revised by CSG Committee
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